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"The finest images are crafted with thoughtful intention — taking into account the best light, the best scene, and the best angles. This is what you can get when working with an artist."

xoxo, christine

As a romantic, film-inspired wedding & portrait photographer, I specialize in crafting soft, elegant images that portray the feeling of intimacy and connection. It's all about eliciting genuine emotions, while crafting an editorial and fine-art look to your images.

Capturing all the lovely moments, lasting expressions, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences fills my heart with joy. While I am currently based out of Southern California, I treasure opportunities to travel beyond this idyllic scene to enchanting new destinations filled with historic beauty. As you plan your next big adventure, I would love to connect with you. Together, let us create something beautiful and lasting.


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Every photo is taken with thoughtful intention, from the framing and composition to the lighting and the space. You needn't worry about what to do with your hands, or even how to move and where to stand. I give plenty of art direction to help you achieve the kind of magazine-worthy and family heirloom quality imagery that you desire. Together, we can have fun as we capture a breathtaking, timeless & emotive love story. Your love story. Isn't that the best?

A storyteller first, photographer second

Besides your wedding planner and your soon-to-be spouse, the person you will be spending the most time with at your wedding will be your photographer. Want to know if we'll be a good fit? Here are a few snapshots of some of my favorite things in the world. If you can resonate at all, I think we might just hit it off...

a few of my

favorite things



This is Indy, a terrier-poodle mix that my family and I adopted in 2020. She was already three years old, and over the past few years she has become my favorite furry friend. She is so full of energy and, honestly, connects with humans better than other dogs. She is patient and kind and, sometimes, a little sassy when being photographed.





I prefer tea over coffee. Some of my favorite blends include the aforementioned, earl grey, oolong, Shangri-la, and English breakfast. Generally, iced beverages are my go-to. Occasionally, a warm freshly brewed pot and lightly-sweet pastries combine for the perfect afternoon delight.


a refreshing cup of



Yes, autumn is my favorite season! I love the changing colors of fall, and for whatever reason, I tend to prefer overcast weather (more than sunny blue skies!). Plus, who doesn't like to dance in the rain? Autumn is also the time when I get to wear my favorite clothing article: the sweater.


sweaters and



Maybe it's that moment when a beam of sunrays pierces through the clouds and hits the ocean in an enamoring way, as the cool breeze whips your hair back. Or maybe it's the soft pink and blue of cotton candy whisps in the skies following the setting sun, and you feel like you're in a world of pastel serenity. However the ocean speaks to you, it has always communicated a sense of awe and wondrous sentimentality to me.





Ever since I was a kid, I have dreamed of trotting the globe. Gathering experiences and learning about cultures have always been passions of mine. Some countries I have traveled to include: Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK (England and Scotland). U.S. states I have visited (outside California): Washington, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, etc. I am excited to add France and Italy to my list in 2023!




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Experience the magic of your wedding day all over again as you look through images from your gallery.

My primary mission is to craft heirloom wedding imagery as grand and epic as your romance. Since your love is truly special, you deserve nothing less than the finest images produced with love and care.

As the wedding day goes by in a flash, all that you are left with are the memories, the feelings, and the images we capture together. My dream is to help you create moments & memories that you will be able to cherish forever — during this one and only lifetime of yours and in the lifetimes hereafter lived by your progeny.