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More than capturing a beautiful image, photography is about documenting all the lovely moments, lasting expressions, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Smiles, people in love, and celebrations are among my favorite things to photograph. Specializing in romantic, film-inspired, editorial wedding & portrait photography, my mission is to capture the important milestones in your life in order to help you preserve your legacy of a life well-lived. Currently serving all of Southern California, I am also passport-ready to venture to new destinations full of historic beauty. As you plan your next big adventure, I would love to hear from you. Together, let’s create something beautiful and lasting.

Christine Li


The feeling of ease and security. The comfort of trust. The assurance you are in good hands.

From initial contact to final delivery of your gallery, and for years to come, I will be celebrating you and your love. Your love is one of a kind, and you deserve nothing less than a luxury experience.


Whether you have a clear vision of how you want your images to turn out or not (maybe you are just starting to plan your wedding), I want us to work together to create something that is meaningful to you.

Your images are a celebration of you and your love story, and I am genuinely excited to be a part of that celebration. I love learning about you and about all the details of your story, because everyone’s is truly unique.

During our time together, I am not just your photographer but also your biggest encourager. I want to affirm you often, so you know how amazing you are and how fabulous you look. I am also going to be an active listener, so I can learn about what is really important to you when it comes to preserving your wedding day.

Additionally, I will be an honest friend and let you know when there is a strand of hair out of place, or if you should reposition to achieve a more flattering angle. I will provide you with clear directions, so you can be confident in front of the camera without needing any prior knowledge of posing.

Ultimately, I am here to serve you by capturing images that evoke joy, beauty, and serenity images that will inspire love for generations to come.

The finest images are crafted with thoughtful intention — taking into account the best light, the best scene, and the best angles. This is what you can get when you work with an artist.


The images of your loved ones is a pricelss artifact.

Beginning with your investment in professional photography, you are committing to images that will tell your future generations about your life and love story — an investment with profound lifelong enduring value.


  • A commitment to excellence and care in client experience 
  • Heirloom imagery that conveys your celebration and love story 
  • A mastery of light and technical artistry
  • Professional gear and knowledge of best practices
  • Clear communication, including positive posing instructions
  • Guidance in timeline preparation and art direction
  • Access to my trusted vendor network
  • Careful editing and retouching of your images
  • Thoughtful service and detailed attention to your needs
  • Adding to this list, perhaps, a lifelong friend

Your love story is worth preserving.

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